What is a DailySteamKey?

On DailySteamKey you can exchange steam keys

What does a steam key cost?

1 Steam Key costs 1 Credit

What are Credits?

Credits are the currency on DailySteamKey. 1 Credit represents 1 steam key.

How do I get Credits?

For offering a valid steam key on DailySteamKey.

What if I receive a steam key which is invalid?

If you have received an invalid steam Key, you can report it as invalid.

Why do I need to unlock my account?

In order to make DailySteamKey as secure as possible, all accounts must be extensively validated. This is the only way to ensure the validity of the steam Keys.

Why is my account blocked?

If you enter invalid SteamKeys, your account will be blocked. If you believe that your account has been blocked falsely, please contact our support team.

Why can I get a Steam Key only once a day?

This is the only way to check the imported SteamKeys and check for invalid keys for every message.